Bank Holiday Weekend.


That’s right, time is flying by and May Bank Holiday is upon us!

We will be open across the entire weekend including Bank Holiday Monday!

What to expect:

We are running our ‘Imperial Koi Food’ promotion see images below for information.

We have a wide selection of small koi available in many varieties, prices starting at £12.50 each or 5 for £50.00!!

We still have a great selection of larger koi available from nisai to yonsai please see our ‘Koi for sale page’ for a small selection of what we have to offer – there are more in-store!

We will also have around 500 NEW TOSAI (15-28cm) that are being made available for viewing especially for the weekend! These include;

Saki-Matsunosuke – Kohaku, Sanke, Showa & Shiro Utsuri
Maruhiro – Asagi
Yamazaki – Showa, Sanke, Goshiki, Kikusui, Hariwake, Yamabuki, Purachina, Chagoi, Karashigoi, Ochiba
Oofuchi – Goromo, Sanke, Kujaku, D-Hariwake, Kikokuryu, Shusui, Ochiba, Kawarimono
Marudo – Chagoi, Yamabuki, Karashigoi

Now these koi will be in their quarantine period which means you can’t take them home just yet however, with our koi selling fast this year we are allowing clients to make selections and reserve koi with a 50% deposit. This new policy has been very well received and ensures you don’t miss out on that special koi you’ve been hunting for! So why not come down and pick out a few new pieces for the season – remember – ‘the early bird catches the worm!’

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