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As detailed in a previous post I explained how I would be installing our first Dracodrum on a clients 4000 gallon pond. I’ve attached some pictures of the pond so that we can track the progress of water clarity and overall impact on the koi behaviour. I will be doing updates as regularly as possible so you can see what difference Draco has made.

As you can see from the pictures the main issue is clarity, the pond suffers from a serious amount of suspended particles, not merely ‘fines’ – all this despite having a Nexus 320 upgrade kit, an easy pod, a PowerBead and protein skimmer all running simultaneously and the owner playing with every variant of flow rate imaginable. Also, the pond water just doesn’t look very ‘alive’ – something I’m confident Draco can change.

In terms of ease of installation, Draco really does live up to the expectations I had. ‘Simple’ – doesn’t really do it justice. For those of you who think you’re not ‘tech savvy’ or fear anything with moving parts, Draco is completely user friendly and is the easiest drum we have installed.

During my short time at the pond, Draco was already starting to take a serious amount of waste from the water – so I’m sure it won’t be long until the owner starts to see some great results. Remember the Dracodrum is an automated self-cleaning mechanical filter that removes waste for you!

My hope is that we can remove the PowerBead from the skimmer line and therefore the need to continuously backwash it. So the pond will then just run on the ‘Draco’d Nexus’ from the bottom drain and the Easy pod on the skimmer – maybe we’d be brave enough to remove the pod? – who knows!

I hope continued updates will give you a little insight into what I believe is a great bit of kit. Please check back here for further DracoDrum News.

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