A Passion For Koi


A Passion For Koi‘ is a Facebook group dedicated to sharing the knowledge of Nishikigoi (koi)

- Here at Imperial Koi we appreciate that the hobby can be a minefield at times and this can become off-putting and even disheartening. That’s where groups like ‘A Passion For Koi‘ really come into their own, you have 24/7 access to a plethora of information! It’s a great way to learn, share and meet like minded koi hobbyists.

Imperial Koi do not run this group, but we have a great deal of respect for the people who do and how they are trying to support the hobby! We’re a member – so what are you waiting for!

Below are a few words from the admin team behind the group and a link to the page itself – just send them a request and away you go!

A Passion for Koi is a group for anybody and everybody who loves koi, not matter where you are in the hobby – whether you are a dealer, seasoned hobbyist, a new starter, or even if you have yet to start. Anything goes here. Anybody can ask for help and hopefully someone will be able to offer some solid advice. Please post lots of pictures of your koi and ponds etc, ask questions, contribute, appreciate koi, appreciate the art, appreciate the skill – and invite all your koi friends to join.”


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