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This week, Tancho Showa.

This Tancho Showa caught my eye as I was looking for potential ‘Koi of the Week’ candidates. We purchased three of these from Kaneko – all at very different stages of development. This one is the least ‘developed’ and I have to say that’s what draws me to it. At first glance she has a lovely strong backbone, a large, pleasing Tancho spot and good quality skin. But ‘where’s the sumi?’ I hear you ask. Although very difficult to tell from the picture, this koi has a good amount of sumi emerging under the skin. Watching her today there’s a solid amount just before the dorsal on the left side of the picture and there is more appearing on the top of her head on the right hand side. The splattering of montoguro in the pecs would hopefully indicate towards stronger development of this as the sumi thickens. Nothing is ever certain in koi but for the money I think there is lots to play for here and a koi that will certainly keep you on your toes – ‘he who dares!’

Watch a video of the Tancho Showa

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