Pond Build Complete


We’ve recently completed this pond for a client.

Coming in at a little over 7000 gallons it has two bottom drains and a four inch skimmer feeding a Profi Drum Eco 45/40, which contains a submersible UV. Water then passes through the biological filtration which is a moving bed chamber of our design. A Duratech heat pump keeps the koi comfortable in these colder months and ensures the owner can give the koi a decent summer, even if the weather doesn’t want to! The turnover through the drum is every 1.5 hours and as can be seen by the pictures water clarity at 5.5ft is very good.

The Pond has been up and running for nearly a month now and is already giving great water readings, we used all of the biological media from the clients previous pond, which really has sped things up.

This was a great project to work on, the client wanted to take their hobby in a new direction and it’s a satisfying feeling when you can be part of that process. We look forward to realising the clients dreams of building a higher quality collection of koi. This process has already started with the addition of four new members of the team from Imperial Koi; a Kohaku, Kujaku, Goshiki, Doitsu Kohaku and a Nanashigoi; they range in size from 55-70cm, all are from Konishi.

Please enjoy the Images Below:

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