Weekend Koi Display


We understand that it can be difficult sometimes to spot that ‘special’ koi you’ve been hunting for, especially when there are a lot of koi on display in the holding ponds. So to make things a little easier we are introducing something new to our weekend schedule.

Every weekend I will select some koi that have caught my eye and place them into smaller koi vats for easier viewing. It’s already proving very popular as it’s a great way to get a close detailed view of the koi without having to ask to have them ‘bowled.’ They may even have a special price to boot!!

I will be doing this with koi of all price ranges, every weekend – Sometimes it even surprises me what I find in the holding ponds!

In order to keep you in the loop, I’ll post a little sneak preview of what will be available right here, so make sure you check back towards the end of each week to find out what’s going in the vats!


This Weekend 13/08 + 14/08

Selected Tosai (one year) – Matsunosuke and Oofuchi – 15-20cm – Many varieties available:
£45.00 each – Buy one get one FREE!

Selected Tosai (one year) – Yamazaki – 10cm – mixed varieties:
£12.50 each – Buy one get one FREE!

PLUS we still have a great selection of Nisai and older koi in stock at very reasonable prices.

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